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One-to-one Life Coaching Sessions

Personal development in trying times. Are you worried about how the economic downturn will affect you? Anxious about new life, career and family decisions you may have to make? Now is the time to find new and valid ways to lead your life to the full. The Unitive™ approach to life coaching will guide you toward the empowering insight that you have within yourself all you need to rise above life's present difficulties.

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Unitive™ Life Coaching Tuition

Advanced coaching course. Disillusioned with quick-fix life coach 'training' courses? Need to upgrade your coaching skills? Looking to find your real vocation and an authentic way of life? Our Registered Unitive™ Life Coach Course is in a class of its own - a London-based programme of one-to-one tutorials, personal mentoring and a two-day seminar in this uniquely effective approach to personal and vocational fulfilment.

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A Journey by Coach

Are you ready to find your true direction in life?

If ever there was a time to face the challenge of this rapidly changing world,
this has to be it!


Charles Bentley's new book shows how intuitive wisdom and the insights of modern humanistic psychology have come together in his uniquely relevant approach to personal well-being in these uncertain times. Both a guided tour through the human condition and a route map back to your authentic self, it’s a first step on the royal road back to realising your latent potential - the untapped sources of personal talent that will transform the way you live your life.

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Business & Executive Coaching

Our Life Coach UK business coaching facility is a highly effective professional tool for realising the potential of teams and individuals in today's business world. Charles Bentley's London-based corporate coaching programme includes state-of-the-art coaching facilities for business executives as well as one-to-one life coach sessions to develop and strengthen leadership qualities and to address performance issues.

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Unitive™ Coaching Workshops

If you’re ready to break loose from feelings of anxiety and stress - to learn how your activities can become spontaneous and free of conflict - you’ll find our one-day Unitive™ Coaching Workshops, held at the new Pimlico Academy in Westminster, central London, an effective and highly diverting way to develop new and creative interpersonal skills and enhanced levels of awareness.

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Get back in touch with every bit of your true potential...

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life coaching
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life coaching
will open your
eyes to what's
right now


life coaching
will re-connect
your inbuilt coping

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